Why You Should Go See Professional Dancers

I am always surpirsed when I tell people I’m a professional dancer and they say something like, ‘I didn’t know that we had a company in town!’


Common Thread company members Kristen and Hannah- maybe all of the professional dancers are hiding in the woods

Common Thread company members Kristen and Hannah- maybe all of the professional dancers are hiding in the woods

I know some people don’t have an interest in dance the same way that I do not have an interest in gold tournaments, civil war reenactments, or pie eating contests..unless I’m competing, of course.

But, for the people who do feel an interest in seeing dance, there is a different kind of all-encompassing experience from seeing it live than watching it on your television in short, media-friendly bursts on shows like ‘So you think you can Dance’ or ‘Dancing with the Stars’.

And for those that have seen dance, just not professional dance, and think that a student recital cuts it to form an educated opinion, I would say this:

If you enjoy football, you probably want to watch the NFL, or the best players that you can find executing the sport that you hold so dear. You don’t want to watch the local, ‘adult after work football touch football league!’ Dance is the same. You want to see the best dancers possible doing innovative or invigorating work if you want to experience it as it is meant to be experienced. All people at the top of their fields will bring excellence, athleticism, artistry that you aren’t likely to find from non-professionals or as fully developed from pre-professionals.  A dance performance is heightened by being performed in a good space with a skilled crew to make the show run smoothly, to add beautiful elements of light, costume, and sound.

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For the St. Louisans out there- I strongly suggest going to see New Dance Horizons this weekend. It isn’t essential to understand technique to understand a higher standard and a better quality. This weekend, turn off the TV and come play with the big dogs….which has got to be the worst analogy for toned, beautiful dancers but hey, I never said I was really a pro at this. See you in the theater. xo- Jess

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Go See Professional Dancers

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