NDH Tour and Guessing Game

The four participating companies of the second New Dance Horizons took the show on the road as we did last year. The tour was pretty different in few ways:


The bus showed up this year !

No one was struck by the black plague (unlike last year)..

There was an on-going poker./card game of some variety happening over the course of several days. At one point during the first day of touring, Dance St Louis Artistic Director Michael Uthoff even sat down and joined the group. I hear that he swept the floor with everyone else’s hands and then promptly went back to being Mr. all-powerful Director.

I spent a  good portion of time helping the ladies of Leverage Dance Theater recrumple the white paper used as their snow.  After each show, the scraps were recollected in trash  bags to be flattened, cleaned of  hair and dust and rosin, and rerolled into fresh new snowball shapes. Common Thread director Jennifer Medina tracked down  biodegradable paper for our falling snow so we didn’t have to worry so much about conservation. 

Someone  brought a banjo on the bus. I  think it  was Michael from St. Louis Ballet.

So that’s how it differed.  Some things seem  to remain unchanged.

It seems the MADCO dancers are  always singing. There was a Disney Medley,  Alanis  Morisette, I’m pretty sure there was even  some SPice Girls in the  Mix. I heard them talking about Tracy  Chapman  at one point, luckily with respect or I  would have  had  to punish them  all by singing an  a capella version of ‘Fast Car’ in my dulcet tones…which  I did in fact, completely lose.

I lost my voice on Wednesday and was all set to try to either read or sleep on the bus ride home. But speaking of music, someone directly behind me had their headphones in and was singing along to music. I was just starting to drift off, when right in my ear…

‘Maaaaa-riaaaa! I just  met a girl named…. “

Someone right behind me was busting out West Side Story. Ten points to you if you can guess which of these guys was the Tony in my eardrum.

Was it: A) Michael McGonagal B) Erik Hoffman C) Gregory  Tyndall D) Jacob Garrett

mcgonagal_headshot hoffman gregorytyndall jgarrett

Good thing my voice was gone or I would have joined in. I’ve  always said I was born to play Office Krupke.

We went to several universities and places of magical learning with our show. Unfortunately,  the last stop cancelled the show at  the last minute so we didn’t get our last hurrah.

I enjoy seeing the various schools and theaters. I would love to see more, further away from St. Louis. First stop next year… Hogwarts.

Jess' Dream Job: Hogwarts Academy  of Dance

Jess’ Dream Job: Hogwarts Academy of Dance

wouldn’t that be ideal? And while we’re in the area (somewhere in the UK) I would visit my favorite Matthew Bourne to track down tickets for their tour of Lord of the Flies, choreographed  by Olivier nominated Associate Artist Scott Ambler, based on the classic novel by William Golding. The show will open at the Lowry in Salfod Quays on April 2, 2014.


I  wonder where the tour  will take us next year. .I hope it’s overseas, and we have to go there by way of Swan Boat.I’ll  start making a musical playlist and practicing  my poker face now xo-Jess.6a00d8341c5df753ef017c373deb3e970b-500wi IMG_9017 IMG_9021 IMG_9025 IMG_9002 IMG_8996 IMG_9000 IMG_8992 IMG_9005

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