In the Wings

No doubt about it, a dancer onstage is always an eyeful of delight. But secretly, I love watching dancers in the wings, just before the performance starts or their variation begins.

I love watching the private rituals, perhaps a favored or necessary stretch, a few slow breaths, a shoulder roll or jumping up and down.

I love wondering what is going through the mind of a performer just before it starts. Maybe it’s a pep talk, or a mantra or a song or just wondering what they’ll have for dinner later. What do you think these dancers are telling themselves that gives them such wind beneath their wings…in the wings?

“You can do it!” “Don’t look down!” “Chicken sounds good…”

nutcracker 154 IMG_8028 IMG_8960 IMG_6030 IMG_6026   

(Dancers pictured: Brandon Ragland at Butler University, now a dancer with Louisville Ballet Company/ Mariko Kumanomido currently a teacher with Webster University/ Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company/ Jenny Rice, formerly with Missouri Ballet Theatre/ Chris Stuart with Nashville Ballet)

Shanghai Ballet was in town last weekend with their folk-ballet production of ‘the Butterfly Lovers’. Check out a review of those wings coming soon. xo- jess   


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