Guess the sport based on the body

Howard Schatz, famed body-centric photographer released a book in 2009 called, ‘Athlete’- showing pictures of  the female form in peak condition across a wide spectrum of size, shape, and the sports they represent. Can you spot the dancer?

howard schatz 'athlete' olympics

Ok, trick question. Unless you count rhythmic gymnastics Actually, Schatz put out two books specifically on dancers- ‘Passion and Line’. This book is all about the dancer glorified as object, masterpiece of human form.

I don’t own this one and Barnes and Nobles never keeps it in stock. It is available for order through…hear that, santa?

The other gorgeous collection of dance-centric photography can be found in ‘H2O’. Here are a few samples. I love them all. Sorry if you’re bothered by naked ladies- but if you are, what’s wrong with you?

schatz1 schatz schatz2 schatz3 schatz4 schatz5 schatz6 schatz7

There is more to dance than bodies, but without bodies there is no dance.

xo- from Bodies Never Lie/ Jess

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