Lady Gaga Tries Ballet

I teach a variety of dance classes to little young people and recently, a few of my kindergartener’s greeted me in this fashion:

“Miss Jess! Can we sing you a song before we start dancing?’

“Ok dear six-year-olds. Let the choir begin”

And then they proceeded to sing this:(go ahead and skip to about 1:30 unless your really feel  like being horrified)

 I would like a public apology from whoever is responsible for this crap filling the ears of my students.

I see several problems with this song in general:

First, the lyrics are just terrible. ‘Do what you want, what you want with my body- do what you want, don’t stop, let’s party’ Not only offensive as a woman, but vapid, uncreative, and plain stupid. I didn’t know she had hired Kim Kardashian as her new lyricist. Kim must be taking a break from reviewing the ballet.

Two, is R.Kelly really the right choice as a duet partner for this song? I mean, amongst other allegations, this is the guy that is known for peeing on his girlfriend. Do you really want to tell a fan of the golden showers to do what they feel like with your body? Good job turning yourself into a toilet. In the words of Dave Chapelle, ‘your body, gurl your body….is a porter potty’.

I thought Lady Gaga was all about standing up for human rights in her music. Why is she demoralizing women and transforming us and herself into an emotionally detached object for male pleasure?

And then I realized..oooh. She’s not taking the cheap and easy road of ‘sex sells’ to remain in the public eye, nor is she making a satirical and public statement about the objectification of women. No, she’s talking about her new venture into ballet.

Yes, she’s merely allowing her teacher to transform and mold her limbs into those of a classical ballet dancer.


And when she says party, she probably means Aurora’s birthday party scene, act 2, of the Sleeping Beauty.

American Ballet Theatre- photo from Nancy Ellisons, 'In Classic Style'

American Ballet Theatre- photo from Nancy Ellisons, ‘In Classic Style’

Let’s all wish Miss G the best of luck in her continued dedication to high art and quality education. If I was her teacher and could do what I wanted with her body, I’d probably tell her to shut her mouth.

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