All Stitched Up

I love old dance photography for two reasons;

  • One: It is historic and simply beautiful
  • Two They usually make me feel really good -by comparison- about my pointe shoe-clad feet.

Flat-feet aside, I just stumbled across this collection of Embroidered Photography from artist Jose Romussi. I have no idea how one goes about taking a needle and thread to photos but I’m glad that he seems to know. If anyone wants to send me one for further inspection, Id be happy to hang it on my wall and ponder its creation.

These are my favorites. See the entire ‘Dance’ series here.

jose romussi jr jr1 jr2 jr3 jr4 jr5 jr6 jr9

Actually, some of these dancers have pretty arches. Darn, there goes my self-esteem via comparison to old dead ballerinas.

See you tomorrow when I’ll be sharing an interview with Dance Theatre of Harlem. -jess

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