Add color to your life

A life in dance is such a whirlwind of joy- of shiny costumes and make up and bright lights, of glamour and drama and passion. It is sweaty repetition, infuriating plateaus, constant contact, camaraderie, and competition with coworkers and strange connection with an audience that can’t even be seen It is a sudden downward spiral of self-doubt and unforgiving mirrors and cast lists without your name on it.. It is a lifetime of strength training and an impromptu bad landing from a jump. It is being lit up from within. It is precarious and precious, a mix of light and dark, and nothing if not colorful

as captured by these beautiful watercolors  by artist Jessica Buhman

j j1 j2 j3

the ballerina jessica buhman jessica buhman

I wouldn’t have it any other way. xo-jess

2 thoughts on “Add color to your life

  1. scanning this blog was the first time i cried tears of sadness and not anger for the loss of the dancer in years. thank you for that, jess
    i send you love

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