What to wear to the Theater

Who else is ready for the next season of Project Runway? Who else desperately hopes that Michael Kors and his snarky comments comes back as a judge? I actually kind like the ‘tin-man hershey kiss ballerina garbage newspaper..oooh’ outfit. Don’t tell.

They always tell the designers to consider when making a garment and styling a look, ‘Who is this Woman and Where is she going?’


If someone were to look at my usual day-to-day outfits as of late- the old spandex leotards I’ve had since I was a teenager, the sweatpants I tend to wear for teaching, and the ever-constant-shield-from-the-cold ugly peacoat- and ask the same question, the answers would be something like…

She’s an out-of-work superhero hanging out on the couch somewhere in Siberia!

Hey, it could be worse. I could have worn this again…

I’m going to go ahead and be the millionth person to complain about this winter that will not end. It snowed last night here in St. Louis. It’s the end of March, weather gods! Someone in control is clearly not paying attention.The last time I went to see a dance concert, I wore a lovely dress. Naturally, I put my overused old peacoat on the back of the chair, and then proceeded to shiver through the entire first act. Second act, ugly coat went back on. I want to put away my winter coats so badly it makes my heart-sick stomach turn like a bad pirouette every time I have to open that closet..

I’ve spoken on this ol blog about my fascination with costume  (you’re welcome, Emily, for sharing this tidbit about how cool we were in college) i enjoy looking at my clothes and asking myself, ‘who do I want to be today?’ Call it getting into character, and I like that this can change. Kevin says he wishes we just had one outfit for fall/winter/spring/summer. Boring!

I’ve been dreaming of being someone besides this cold and old superhero with the coat-based outfit, and recently, putting those dreams on to paper. With watercolors.


Who are these women and where are they going?

IMG_9169 IMG_9167 IMG_9161 IMG_9170

(More perfect imagined costume design vs. real life outfits)

I don’t know who they are. I don’t know what they do for a living. I know that they are dressing in their finest and piling into a theater to see some incredible show. And I know that I would love to be any and every one of them, weather permitting.


9 thoughts on “What to wear to the Theater

  1. You are so gifted in so many ways, Jess. A talented writer, dancer, teacher, and wit. Add to these a fine artist and watercolorist, too. Of course, all of these are really different facets of art, aren’t they? The mode of expression may change, but the creative spark is in each expression is consistently beautiful. Well done, you!

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