On Principle

The theme of the day is ‘desperately clinging to my youth’.


Once the work day is done, I have plans to bake the cookie dough that is resting in my fridge and watch ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, preferably¬†under a homemade blanket fort.

Of course, I had to test the batter before I could serve them up tonight-¬†which means that I ‘test baked’ two this morning…and ate them for breakfast. Completely against my moral fiber- I might as well use sparkling props to teach dance to children, set dance in odd places, and stop joking about how fat and old I am. (I am trying to do all of these things) I know, I know, I’m a MONSTER!

It seems that I’m losing all sense of youth, beauty, and principle. What will I do next? I’ll tell you soon.

This seems like solid advice. Also good for anyone trying to do partnered pirouettes with me..‘hold on! She’s not AT ALL centered!’

tod1226 alina somova 6cd45192de6b23d574bfce54a96c2c0e dick and julie 059f1f26fd48ccffe257dbb17dc3ccb3

If anyone can name the famous couple in the photo with the umbrella, then you, like me, are probably stuck in your childhood. And I like you all the more for it.


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