Free People Spokesmodel Critique

I am back from six wonderous, gluttonous, awe-inspiring, tiresome days in New York City. Hence begins Summertime week of reviews including:

IMG_9280 IMG_9281 IMG_9282

  • ABT La Bayadere
  • ABT Manon
  • Drama Desk Winning musical ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’- an expose of physical comedy
  • Drama Desk Best Actor Winning (Hooray Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston!) ‘All the Way- inhabiting a character
  • Review of my sometimes-beloved (I would still keep him in this #5 spot on the classic V-day list) Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe as the title character of Tony nominated ‘The Cripple of Inishman’Handicaps and other such troubles
  • and Tony Award winning ‘Matilda’- ten points if you can guess which character I have shared a stage with at some point
  • And I will give a little ‘Steps on Broadway’ rundown. Guess whose class I DID NOT TAKE this year..

But before I dive headfirst into examining the Great White Way, let’s visit briefly a critique that EVERYBODY and their mamma seems to be making.. the choice of spokesmodel/ dance model for the new Free People Campaign.

free free Bianca-Gittens-Free-People-Dance-Lookbook-03

I get why dancers are upset here. I mean, look LOOK at those feet. Look at those pointe shoes with the ribbons hanging out and how weak her poor ankles look. This is not promoting safety in going onto pointe, a major goal for many young dancers.

With so many incredible talents out there that would do justice to the beauty of dance and so few good-paying high-publicity jobs out there, the dance community at large probably wants it to go to someone worthy, like me or someone who I know so that I can boast about knowing said newfound celeb.

Here is what I think;

It is easy for me to look down upon this dancer because I believe that I am comparably better. But wait, if I got the job…I bet some of the beautiful dancers from Grand Rapids Ballet that I so-recently praised would sneer at my photos. And perhaps Julie Kent of ABT (who, yes I am reviewing!) might have a thing to say about it not being someone from her company. And perhaps there is some freakzoid ballet dancer on the moon that is better than Julie Kent. One can only imagine.

I suppose I wish that if they were going to hire someone of less than Moon-Julie status, they had gone really the opposite direction and just had some fun with it.

These are options of who they SHOULD HAVE CAST for the Free People Ad campaign:

Nicole "snookie' 'Polizzi. Here she is as classic icon, The White Swan Odette. (image via free virgin media)

Nicole “snookie’ ‘Polizzi. Here she is as classic icon, The White Swan Odette. (image via free virgin media)

Dance Moms teacher and judge of all things 'sparkle ballet'- Abby Lee Miller (image via dance connect)

Dance Moms teacher and judge of all things ‘sparkle ballet’- Abby Lee Miller (image via dance connect)

Speakin' of Free People- Christopher Walken. Who else actually loves this idea? (image via vimeo)

Speakin’ of Free People- Christopher Walken. Who else actually loves this idea? (image via vimeo)

Natalie Portman, faux dancer spokesmodel

Natalie Portman, faux dancer spokesmodel

Hey, it could be worse. They could have hired Natalie Portman for the ad…because she would do all of her own dancing. And by that I mean, Sarah Lane would do her dancing…which come to think of it, wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all

Bayadere is first up. Hope to see you again -jess.


3 thoughts on “Free People Spokesmodel Critique

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