Dancing on the Walls

I admit to not having any dance-related art up in my home. A dancer’s body is really our home and I am already covered with enough reminders of my lifelong passion/timesuck. Have you SEEN the scars on my feet?

That being said, I do like these beautiful watercolors that I stumbled across from artist Laura Row. See her etsy shop  Laura Row studio here.

lr5 lr1 lr6 lr

I like her dance-related pieces but also her renditions of famous women. I would love it if she would do the one of the four little swans but with Marilyn, Audrey, Vivien, and my own little face painted atop those long slender necks. Capture me in watercolors surrounded by celebrities bedecked in a tutu and I would frame that.

lr4 lr3 lr2

Other dance-related art that I like:

  1. Decoupage Ballerina roommates in Anthropologie catalogues
  2. Acryllics inspired by Alonzo King LINES Ballet
  3. Photography meets emboidery on dancer costumes
  4. Around this time of year when I’m drowning in 5 year olds and dance camp, I always want this piece. Muderous Dance Educators
  5. My self portrait

I would show you a few of my recent watercolors but my attempt to paint Alessandra Ferri as Juliet in Kenneth MacMillan’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was so awful it is only fit to decorate the trash can.

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