RFbtT ‘Best of St. Louis’ Audience Choice Awards

The Riverfront Times just put out their list of reader’s choice awards and dance was sadly, left backstage.IMG_9290

So here are the RiverFront behind-the Times Audience Awards to honor the great achievements of a few dancers/ creators this past year:

(Orange font indicates a link to read/see pictures further from one lucky writer trying to take it all in)

  • Best Entrance by a dancer: Hannahbeth Fischer emerging from underneath a pile of white ‘snowflakes’ in Nejla Yatkin’s choreography for the Dance St. Louis festival, ‘New Dance Horizons’
  • Best Dance performance set to mixed media (music + spoken word) MADCO in Jennifer Archibald’s ‘Seven’ /tied with Leverage Dance Theater for their St. What’s-its Cathedral performance this past spring set to music, silence, and random folks’ prayers
  • Best Singing Dancer: Greg Tyndall of St. Louis Ballet
  • St. Louis’ favorite Spring to Dance representative: I sadly didn’t get to see it but I am still hearing fantastic things about The Big Muddy Dance Company
  • Best rain dance: Audrey Simes, Paige Walden, Arica Brown, and Jessica Ruhlin in Hannabeth Fisher’s choreography during Dawn Karlovsky’s, ‘Dine on Dance Festival’ where it poured. Extra points since the musicians and audience abandoned us and we kept going.
  • Best air-bound performance: Claire Hilleren of MADCO in ‘Spiraling Downward’
  • Best St. Louis guest artist: Alvin Ailey Dance Company courtesy of Dance St. Louis
  • Biggest surprise thrill: Trajectoire from Dance St. Louis guest artists, LA-based Diavolo
  • Best costume: Vintage wedding dress Sugar Plum Fairy Tutu by Barbara Craig for Common Thread Contemporary Dance Company (I swear I’m not biased!)
  • Sad Farewells: Elyse Anderson of MADCO, Caitlin Helton Scherer of Missouri Ballet Theatre, Tara W.F. Cacciotore of Common Thread Dance Company. You will be missed
  • Worst Dancers: the mosh-pit ballerinas at the pageant for The Urge concert. No thank you.

I’m sure that I am missing moments that delighted, inspired, or horrified others out there in the dance-going audience. What was a favorite moment of yours? Written with deep appreciation for everyone who supports and participates in the dance community here and everyone. Not written with the slightest bit of St. Louis dancers cast list mockery at all.




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