Why Press Matters plus a mock review

A new restaurant called Peacemaker- Lobster and Crab Co. opened in St. Louis on August 13th under chef Kevin Nasham. I went for dinner about two weeks after they opened and at 9 o’clock arrived just in time to ger the last table. The place was so crowded, the tables pretty close- close enough that the poor lobster-bib clad guy sitting at the next table over could hear me say, ‘Ew! He’s eating the eyes!’ Trust me, I know- I received a dirty look complete with a mouthful of lobster eyes.

The point I’m trying to make here is just how did a place that JUST opened come to be so darn busy already? Yes, chef resume and location location (they’re in the old Taste/NIche spot in Benton Park) and new concept, flavors, ingredients in St. Louis, yada yada. I rack it up to all the recent press.

Ten most anticipated openings, radio interviews, Post Dispatch’s fall restaurant preview, and how I came to hear about it- the cover of the September issue of Sauce Magazine. That has got to help get the word out, and for multiple purposes.

A feature like this helps someone like me who is interested in all things delicious know where to go but also (as a non-expert of all things with pinchers and shells) what makes a dish great. I like using all of the pseuo-foodie terminology and saying things like :the acidity of the lemon balances with the brininess of these razor clams to really brighten my palette’ with a faux sense of authority. It’s one thing to say, yum! but to be able to describe what you like with detail gives further appreciation to the experience of eating it and the skill it takes to put it all together.

I know what you’re thinking…what does all of this have to do with dance- the supposed topic of this blog…

Last weekend, the Louisville Ballet Company opened their 2014-15 season under new Artistic Director, Robert Curran with the beloved classic, ‘Giselle’. And this past week I’ve seen not one, but two well-written, detailed reviews of the show:

I like a lot of things about both of these reviews; they list all of the obvious ‘must-do’s’ in a review of giving a sum-up of story and the who/what/when/where took place.They both actually go in-depth about the challenges of the ballet, the emotional arc of characters. Both reviews call out individual dancers and provide real feedback, some positive some wishing for more. One goes in detail of actual technique and another provides perspective on how the dancers have grown from past seasons.

It shows a certain level of committment to the arts in Louisville and even more importantly, a sense that the general public reading the news wants to understand the arts in their community. Arts education only makes for harder-working artists, more competent writers, and an audience with a discernible palette to separate the adequate from the great.

lv ph1 lv ph2

In the spirit of fun (and because I haven’t done a mock review in quite some time) I now present a follow-up to the wonderfully composed articles of LB’s ‘Giselle’ and bring to you my take on what most dance coverage sounds like complete with unnecessary Nutcracker puns and completely incorrect information…

Giselle- the Love story of Two Lovers– by Dumbo Withthepress

lv wade bell lv ph

Last weekend, the Louisville Ballet Company took to the Kentucky Theater Stage in a restaged production of the ‘Giselle’. But don’t expect any sugar plums here, the story is about the triumph of love over all odds. Giselle is a beautiful girl with a high cholesterol and a low IQ who falls for Albrecht, a man concealing both his Royal bloodline and his ‘in a relationship’ facebook status. When the truth is unveiled, Giselle’s dies of a blocked artery, her heart.

Act two takes place in a magical forest populated by vengeful ghost brides where Giselle has joined the chorus de ballet. Her grave is visited by Hularious, the jealous man who sought her for himself in life, and by Prince Albrecht, who is saved from death by Giselle’s protection. Lead dancers, Erica Delao and Christophus Wojitera, were breathtaking. He is very strong and she is very slender and they can both kick really high.

Don’t you really want to go to the ballet now? When I began this blog, I wanted to write articles that would give genuine feedback to talented artists and provide an opinion to start a conversation or some thinking or interest from others in the audience, knowledgable on dance technique or not. I mean, I don’t expect everyone to be as educated as Dumbo. I’m glad that there are writers in Louisville accomplishing this goal.

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