Best Dance of the Web

Do you ever have one of those moments during adagio while executing a developpe a la second when you realize that your leg is nowhere near a true side? Thank heavens no one is snapping instagram pictures of me during class. I’m not sure an angle exists to make that look good in a photo.

Nobody is picture perfect- well, except perhaps these dancers…

Favorite captured moments of dance and dancers in photography- September 2014

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  1. Jessica Brown, dancer with Ballet Met- shot by Jennifer ZmudaI love the bright color of that blue wall against her fair skin
  2. Ballet Met Columbus– shot by Jennifer ZmudaWonderfully composed shot, and I like how the dancers remind me of a flock of birds
  3. Jessica Brown (I’m not obsessed) shot by Kenny Johnsonballet angles are hard to get right and this is just perfect
  4. Cheyenne Phillips shot by Gerry Lovethe movement, the hair, the lighting, and her face is so serene.
  5. Esoteric Dance Project preparing for a fundraiser performance in Chicago- the space looks fascinating, kind of like a runway.
  6. Wendy Whelan and Craig Hall performing at Lincoln Center- because, come on…

Such amazing talent in front of and behind the camera. If I were going to do a photohoot anytime soon, I’d have to ask one of these incredible photographers. Though even they might not be THAT good…


2 thoughts on “Best Dance of the Web

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