Go See These Shows

I was standing at the copier at work on Friday (a fascinating start to this post) and a co-worker with whom I don’t speak regularly said, ”

Hey! I get these Meet Up emails and one was about some show at Touhill and your name was mentioned as a critic! What’s that all about?

Ok, it was much more eloquently put than that, but the gist was ‘you seem to know some stuff about dance, what are the good shows happening soon?’

And if there is a request that I am always ready to answer, it’s a suggestion for good upcoming shows. So here are the upcoming performances in St. Louis that I’m putting in my calendar:

1. Tango Buenos Aires– Friday January 30th at 8, Saturday 2 & 8

tba tba1

A dance and music performance at the beautiful Touhill presented by Dance St. Louis. The Argentina-based company will perform, ‘The Song of Eva Peron’- a tango dance and live music presentation inspired by the most important feminine character in Argentinian history Eva Peron.

Did you know that Tango is supposed to be an improvised dance? I have heard it’s actually a bit blasphemous to the art for to have set choreography, but….I still want to see it. Also of note, there will be free tango lessons with company dancers in the lobby from 4-6. Let’s hope I can drag someone or else one of the company dancers will have to partner me. Actually that’s not a bad idea….

2. Wit, Grit, and Grace at the Pageant (January 30th)

There are so many reasons why this show is a must-see:

  • 1. The Pageant. I know that I’m not the only one that has enjoyed a rock show here (remember those Mosh Pit dancers? or the Pink Floyd Ballerina?) but I’ve never seen a full dance show on this stage. Way to go to The Big Muddy Dance Company for bringing dance into a popular venue! I just hope that it isn’t as slippery as that one time that I put on pointe shoes and a zip-up leo for that back-up ballerina gig for comedian Hannibal Burress’ rap song. It was an ice rink.
  • 2.Did you catch that I said The Big Muddy Dance Company? You know, these 4 guys? Plus Morgan Cameron’s amazing feet and legs. I could go on. Go see this. We’ll mosh together in the pit of the pageant- which is quite fun to say, even if it will not, and should not happen.

The Big Muddy Dance Company facebook page (watch Thom’s flip/partnering video!)

3. Stripped/Dressed– Doug Varone and Dancers at Edison Theatre (January 23)

Doug Varone’s stamp alone should garauntee a masterful show and fantastic dancers. However,The concept also sounds interesting. The show includes two longer works- the first, a look into the creative process of dance and the second, the company’s signature style of sly wit, romantic heart and humanity that energizes audiences around the world’.


The detail that tips the scale in making this a worthy show and a ‘buy a ticket now’ show:


The actual Doug Varone is going to emcee! He is one of the famous choreographers profiled in ‘Masters of Movement (you’ve heard me talk about this…so many times) If you know me by now, you now that I will be there, book in hand and politely ask for an autograph. Minus the polite part.Further info and tickets

PS. Hey Big Muddy- does this shout-out qualify me for one of your awesome Swagbags? I want one!

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