Artist Challenge; Best of the Web

I have probably mentioned that I keep up this blog and attempt writing about dance because of two real reasons;

  1.  to raise public awareness of the greatness of dance and dancers
  2. To share my great love of getting to know the story of an artist- the who, what, when, where, why that forms how they came to be this person of talent of passion- and fulfill the desire to help tell these stories

It is a pleasure to get to share in the success of others. As Wordsworth once wrote,

“Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime;

and departing, leave behind us

pictures on facebook”

We’ve all heard about the ‘Artist Challenge’ on facebook, right? A call to performers to post pictures of themselves  over their diverse, challenging, thrilling careers and years of study for five consecutive days and challenge fellow artists to follow suit.

Over the past week, I’ve been dazzled by some photos posted by friends and have loved the chance to see them in proud moments and hear meaningful stories from their lives. In keeping with both goals of this site I just had to lump a few favorites together to share. Aren’t they fabulous!?

Artist Challenge; Best of the Web March 20, 2015

artist challenge carousel wheeldon

artist challenge pam vouri artist challenge sharon artist challenge makensie artist challenge jun tanabe diane and action grand prix artist challenge dustin crumbaugh houston met dance co
artist challenge brandon val nut artist challenge wade schaaf ron de jesus artist challenge jacqulyn buglisi artist challenge wendy 30 years artist challenge jen welch cidnickDancers pictured:

1. Jessica Brown of Ballet Met rehearsing ‘Carousel’ with Christopher Wheeldon More Jessica! 

2.Pam Vouri as Juliet in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ – I still remember Pam in this performance

3.One of my greatest teachers, Sharon Randolph‘s choreography on Interlochen Dance Ensemble

4.Makensie Howe of Saint Louis Ballet in Alexandra Ballet’s production of Giselle- I made a rather spot-on prediction of her promise back in 2010

5.Jun Tanabe of Eugene Ballet Company performing at the 2007 Gala of the YAGP New York Final

6. Dustin Crumbaugh of The Big Muddy Dance Company pictured with Houston Metropolitan Dance Company

6.Brandon Ragland of Louisville Ballet in Val Caniparoli’s Nutcracker (I think that’s Kateryna Sellars with him) more Brandon!

7.Wade Schaaf of Chicago Repertory Ballet in Ron de Jesus choreography

8.Jacqulyn Buglisi in ‘Serinata Morisca’, choreographed by Ted Shawn for Martha Graham more on Jacqulyn

9.Wendy Whelan couldn’t pick just one, so 30 years of incredible work!

10. I had to save this one for last- my friend and co-teacher, Jennifer Welch Cudnick, former star of Pennsylvania Ballet and St. Louis Ballet, at School of American Ballet. You know the header photo of this site.

Ok ok, Wordsworth didn’t say that about facebook. The last line is ‘footprints in the sands of time’. Eh, footprint, facebook pic…they’re really one in the same aren’t they?

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