What to call your dance company

A St. Louis favorite magazine recently put out their list of the ‘Best of St. Louis’ and included was critics choice and readers choice for favorite local dance company.

The winner of Reader’s Choice:

The Big Muddy Dance Company

The winner of Critic’s Pick:

The Big Muddy Dance Company

(I’ve stolen this humble-brag photo from the amazing Thom Dancy and the rest from The Big Muddy’s facebook page)

Congratulations!  Well-deserved Big Muddy!

dance sport dawn gilbertson group therapy thom

Here’s my criteria for the makings of a favorite dance company:

1. As St. Louis Post Dispatch critic, Calvin WIlson, states, they must be fun to watch. I’d also add populated with moving, powerful, athletic performers who offer diverse, musical, and quality repertoire.

2. They must inspire personal creativity, I must constantly have ideas for choreography that I’d love to set on them. I have so many for Big Muddy, because they seem capable of truly anything, even my weird ideas.

But here’s the thing that I think gives Big Muddy an edge- a memorable and cool name.

Does anyone else love the idea that a company of gorgeous humans is named after the dirtiest puddle of duck excrement in the Midwest?


So forget what I said about inspiring ideas, or quality dancers. –

If you are starting a dance company, here’s the formula for making your troupe a huge hit!

Take two fitting adjectives of the ugliest geographical marker of your city. Add a descriptor of your dance style. Add either Company, Theatre/Theatre, Ensemble, or Collective.

Examples of company names should I move to any of these fine cities

1. Colorado Basin,  Arizona= Huge Hole Hip-Hop Theatre (We’ll perform in the Grand Canyon)


2.Louisville, Kentucky- Filthy Lawnful of drunken Derby Goers Modern Ensemble

These are, of course, suggestions from someone who has been stalking ‘Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet’ for years, because a ballet company named after cake…the name says it all.

One thought on “What to call your dance company

  1. I would SO go to see the Hungry Gators Ballet Theater! This post made me laugh out loud. I’ve linked to it in the “link pack” section of the May issue of the Missouri Arts Council’s monthly e-newsletter that I just sent out this evening.

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