4 Questions; 4 very different Choreographers

Director of Dance St. Louis, Michael Uthoff, is known for his incredible eye for talent. The 8th annual Spring to Dance performance series showcases this ability to gather a diverse group of the best artists in the United States. Yet, he does more than scrape the cream-de-la-cream from scattered companies. Uthoff is known for providing opportunities for dancers here in St. Louis, particularly with the New Dance Horizons series. This year, he has combined these two traits with a new addition to the Spring to Dance Series, the Young Choreographer Series.

Find more photos like this by following MADCO on facebook

Find more photos like this by following MADCO on facebook

Four choreographers in St. Louis were paired with 3 St. Louis companies and 1 from Chicago. I asked each the same four questions and was met with answers personal, informative, and moving, each as varied as the background and method of the artist. Here, all four describe their lives, work, and their own favorite pieces of choreography.

1.Choreographer: Ashley McQueen

Company Worked With: The Big Muddy Dance Company


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