A Dancer’s Perspective

This past weekend, I had a choice between two actions that I’m sure everyone has had to make at some point in their lives:

A) Confront/ expose/ stand up to a person who has treated me not-so-nicely while supporting others who are of great importance


B) Let that you-know-what go

B, while tempers and emotions flare and rage, was the harder choice it was also the better choice. I had some good advice that really helped me through the moment, advice that I want to remember. Things tend to stick in my mind better if I commit them to either movement or paper so that’s what I did.


New series in the art shop:

A Dancer’s Perspective– words of wisdom for past/ present/ future : sharpie & pencil on vellum.

Prints available, $6.00.  Email copelia12@sbcglobal.net for sizing and shipping information. Thanks!

*please enjoy the Mary Poppins reference, always a lighthouse in making practically-perfect-choices


Advice for the Past


Advice for the present


Advice for the future

Onwards and upwards to all of my ballerinas, birds, friends. Don’t forget your umbrella.

4 thoughts on “A Dancer’s Perspective

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