Ikea Nutcracker Party Scene Dolls

I am finally back in the big bad city of apples, hot dogs, culture, and trash on the street and I have definitely made an impression already. On my building’s super, at the very least.

Compared to the last time I moved here (2010) with absolutely nothing besides a small suitcase, old laptop, and cat (smart plan!) this time around, I planned carefully by getting an apartment ahead of time, taking measurements, and pre-ordering furniture so that I would have a bed to sleep on as compared to this. In other words, my new place is filled with huge cardboard boxes, big enough for a  person to climb into. What would a relocating balletophile think of in the presence of such boxes other than this…


Ikea should donate their huge used boxes to ballet companies in need of props- specifically the box -like houses for Nutcracker Act 1 party scene Harlequin and Columbine dolls. Typically the doll houses are rolled out on stage and the dancers step/ are carried out for their variations.

I danced this role in 2010 with Missouri Ballet Theatre. I have no pictures but I wore the same costume pictured here on the fabulous Erica De La O, from Louisville Ballet in 2008. (MBT got all of L-ville’s costumes and sets when Val Caniparoli created a new and reviewed Nutcracker for the Louisville Ballet in 2009.)

Erica De la O

Erica De la O

Nutcracker Party Scene Dolls: Harlequin and Columbine

from kcdance.com

from kcdance.com

the Royal Ballet's columbine- from wherethelovelythingsare blogspot

the Royal Ballet’s columbine- from wherethelovelythingsare blogspot

So I made…

New York-cracker Club/ Theater Scene Dolls: Harlem and Columbus Circle.

(The Nutcracker relies on some strange racial stereotypes so I went ahead and used the untrue stereotypes that Harlem is a slum and that the upper west side theater crowd is full of snobs in black)


Harlem doll has shorty shorts, tube top, knock-off Jay Z chainz, cell phone, long nails, and a sassy attitude. Surrounded by rats.


Columbus Circle Doll is a theater-critic complete with glasses, flat shoes, requisite black turtleneck, and unimpressed scowl.


My super came over to fix something in the new place, did a double-take on my dolls, and said nothing. He definitely thinks I’m crazy. Which means, like a doll in a box, I probably fit in here just fine. xo- jess





3 thoughts on “Ikea Nutcracker Party Scene Dolls

  1. Hi Jess,
    Welcome Back!

    It is wonderful to learn that you are back in NYC. I am sending you all of my best wishes for your success and happiness.
    I know you will do great things, because you do have what it takes to achieve your goals. Your past experiences, your tenacity and your achievements are a testament to that.

    Take a big bite of the Big Apple. 🙂

  2. Yes, you had me giggling about your super seeing your box doll cartoons…with a stuffed rat to top it off. heheh 🙂
    I hope that huge poster of the Brooklyn Bridge stays around for some time, it looks nice on the side of that building.

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