Contemporary Dance Bingo

It’s totally normal to make-your-own bingo game on an old FedEx envelope while riding the train to Brooklyn, isn’t it?


Mind the rats..I mean, gap

And speaking of normal, I’ve been attending regular class- ballet, body conditioning, contemporary, and one unfortunate encounter with Samurai swordplay. It’s wonderful to have dancing, not just teaching or thinking about dancing, part of my normal life again.  And I have found some really wonderful teachers with cool methods, corrections, choreography.


Is it just me or does a lot of contemporary look the same these days? I think there are always ‘trends’ in dance and these seem to be the norm in current contemporary work.


Take this handy checklist with you to any performance or class to see if it is contemporary or not.  D-A-N-C-E, con-tem-por-ary Bin-go! No prizes.

I am not judging, just observing. I have used almost every one of these in my own choreography and class. Well, except socks. Never socks! Unless you’re doing class with Contemporary Eric in this video– which I know is old, but never gets old.

4 thoughts on “Contemporary Dance Bingo

  1. This totally brightened my attitude on a soggy morning! Also, thanks for the video link – LOL (literally).

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