Baryshnikov in Hollywood, Jess in NYC

Today was Graduate School Orientation for NYU students in the Dance Education program…or was it, the dance education department in the Music and Performing Arts Program? They told us to think of it like Russian Nesting Dolls (like these funny little Matryoshka?) but I, and the four 2nd years present I might add, forgot how they nest.

I got to meet my classmates, all ONE of them where males are concerned, and the faculty who seem wonderful. And then, we went uptown to the ABT building for a tour and to see all of their glorious studios. The company is away, touring in Paris at the moment, so it was quiet. This also meant we were allowed to see the private company spaces. Guess what color the ABT company lounge couches are: yellow, green, red? See below for the answer.

I start classes on Tuesday, and the mornings kick off with an hour and a half ballet technique class followed by lecture/discussion of curriculum, etc. with Sascha Radetsky- former star of ABT, graduate  student of the JKO School, model in the best Capezio add to date, and heart throb of the beloved cult classic, Center Stage. Yes, he was on the tour with us today.Yes, I had that Capezio add featuring Professor Radetsky and wife, Stella Abrera also of ABT, plastered on my dorm room wall at Interlochen Arts Aademy. You can see it if you look to the left of the bright pink Fosse poster. Was I cool or what?


I wish I could have told myself then, taping that ripped out page of Dance Magazine to my wall o’ inspiration, that I would be taking class from him. I cannot wait to see what his class is like, and how much I will learn from it. You never know who your teachers will be.

Oh good, I love taking class from a guy with better feet than me (image via

Oh good, I love taking class from a guy with better feet than me
(image via

With that, I leave you with another great idol in this rare video footage of Gene Wilder learning dance steps from Baryshnikov. Who is the great idol- the teacher or the student? The dancer or the comedian? You choose. As Gene says about 1 minute in, ‘I’ve got it!’

About those couches (yes, the ones I was sorely tempted to sit on just to say that my butt has been where Roberto Bolle’s but has been)….if you guess that they are green, you are correct! Would I mention it if they were anything else?…probably.

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