If Politics were Ballet…

Hard to believe that this debate was just a week ago. Kudos to whoever decided to show the candidates on a split screen. I’m still laughing at the body language between these two. It was such a dance.


Albeit a terrible dance. Can you imagine these two as a pas de deux? It would be a mess. The kind where she gets dropped and he gets kicked in the you-know-where.
But let’s be honest, even morphed into dance roles, these two wouldn’t even come from the same ballet.


I’m pretty sure that Hillary would be the firebird. Why? 1- she wore red. Obvious answer. And I’ve drawn her as such. Respect the pant suit under the tutu. (Never heard of Firebird- here’s my list of bird ballets I love/hate to explain it.)

Firebird is not a role I have ever wanted to dance, nor a big frufru headpiece I’ve ever wanted to wear. It was however, fun to paint, if only to study photos of Misty Copeland and Leanne Benjamin as inspiration.

img_0294img_0295img_0293img_0299img_0298img_0297 I made the Donald one of the masked, white gloved politicians from ‘The Green Table’ and I gave him one of those child play-time tutus. (Did You know that Donald once wanted to be a ballet dancer?)

Next time, can they just have a dance off?




3 thoughts on “If Politics were Ballet…

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