21 Dates: Drawing for a Dance Company

When I started dancing, I pretty much knew that was it. Not so much with painting and drawing, which I never studied. I just always liked doing it.

It was an activity that made me feel closer to my Dad, who was an incredible artist even if, unlike me who has an entire category of this site dedicated to people in tutus, I’m not sure he had ever drawn a dancer in his life. We used to go to the zoo or parks to sketch together. I think it was animals and plants that taught me to capture shape, but drawing dance taught me about movement in 2d.


I recently had the honor of being asked to create some illustrations in a variety of mediums for the New York based dance company, Spark Movement Collective.


  • More Spark Movement Collective from this site: Missing Out Those photos!

Artistic Director, Chelsea Koenig, requested a variety of renditions of the company dancers in pairs that explored all configurations of male or female relationships. I was able to see the dancers for inspiration. Koenig then integrated my illustrations into the design for their upcoming 21 Dates performance, on November 11th. Here is how it came out:


I fully admit that this is a screenshot of the website

I fully admit that this is a screenshot of the website

I think it looks pretty good!

Original prints/ copies available in the art shop (contact Jess- copelia12@sbcglobal.net)- watercolor and sharpee on vellum

img_0231 img_0234 img_0235 img_0237 img_0238img_0241

If you’re curious, more of my art can be seen on the ‘Art for Sale’ and ‘Serious Art and other Doodles’ categories!

It’s quite a dream to collaborate with companies and schools on dance and artwork. I am still surprised when anyone thinks my doodles are any good.  I blame it one being self-taught. Though, to be fair, no one showed me how to pose so spectacularly in photos and I’m obviously really good at that.

Face of an angel. Kaitlyn and me at ABT

Face of an angel. Kaitlyn and me at ABT

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