How to 2017 like a pro

Goodbye to 2016- it’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

For me, one of the biggest years of risk and reward (hello New York and grad school and new friends).


NYU students at Mark Morris Dance Center


Interviewing Douglas Dunn



Choreography by Carly Hill




Strangers on a Train: Lisa, Paula, Caraline, Kaityln, Anna



Choreography by Leyland Simmons



The NYU MAster’s Concert with NYU President Andrew Lincoln


If grad school has taught me anything, it could be most simply boiled down to this:

Experience Shapes Education

Here are two major things I have experienced over 2016:

  • There’s a difference between big dreams and big expectations and only one of these is any help
  • Don’t base feelings of success off of someone else’s credit or opinion

What did you learn this year?

I’m going to take these experiences and shape my schedule, my mind, my arabesque accordingly for 2017. It all jump starts tomorrow as I’m flying to Uganda to teach and learn their dances and music.

Thank you to all who join me here on Bodies Never Lie. Happy holidays to all and cheers to whatever experiences will shape the future. I hope it turns out well….Sorry, I just had to go there.img_0134




6 thoughts on “How to 2017 like a pro

  1. What a lovely picture of you! Proud of you. I’m in NYC quite a bit lately for work, and try to get out ASAP to avoid the traffic but I’d love to see you.

    Have a wonderful New Year!

    Love, Doug

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