Book Review; Dancers After Dark

I have 3 books out on my coffee table. They are:

‘In Classic Style’- American Ballet Theater (yes, autographed by some of the the greats such as Marcelo and Gillian and Misty. I die every time I see those signatures. and pictures. Ugh) Want to see this book? Here you go:

Gross Jokes”- a collection of fabulous conversation starters that I found in a dirty dollar bin in a shady store in Jersey. No examples. This site is classy.


The new collection of dance photography by artist Jordan Matter (remember that time I came in second place in the contest to name his first book?)

‘dancers after dark’

Here’s a little info from the inside cover:

“…more than 150 breathtakingly beautiful photographers of professional dancers and performers posing naked at night, from New York’s Times Square and Paris’s Notre Dame to a winding street in Stockholm and a remote caste in the Cotswolds. Etched into each muscle and seemingly impossible pose is the single-minded passion of a dancer, the intense dedication and hard work. And the dreams we project on them; of beauty, of freedom, of flight.”

Guess which of my three coffee table books gets picked up the most by guests? Hmmm, are you guessing the naked dancer book? You are so smart.

Here’s a sneak peak

What I really love and was surprised by with this collection is that somehow, Mattter and models make it possible to see more than the nudity. You still see the dancer, the act of dancing, the emotion or drive in the shot, the fascination of the place. It’s not pornographic in any way. Beautiful, yes. It almost hits you with a heightened sense of humanity with the clothes, and the costume stripped away. After all, bodies never lie, right?

If you don’t like my renditions with the giant light glare or my pale little thumb in the corner, and I won’t blame you at all if you don’t, go pick up your own and enjoy it as much as I do. (Pages 98, 174, 41, 14, 173, ok, I have way too many favorites) It is the perfect time to pull out a book to pour over as I am technically on SPRING BREAK from graduate school this week, but we are on the eve of a record-sized snow storm because that’s New York being New York. Remind me again why I didn’t go to Cal Arts?

I keep wondering if I had posed for this book, where would I have wanted to pose? I keep imagining a shot at one of the famous NYC bakeries, you know, with a stack of buns…

Ok, I’m being too influenced by and therefore am throwing out the Gross Jokes book. What’s on your coffee table?

2 thoughts on “Book Review; Dancers After Dark

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