Game of Thrones- ballerinas read GoT quotes

Mark Ryden’s costume designs for ABT”s Whipped Cream were some of the most fantastical and phenomenal pieces I have yet seen on stage.

ABT whipped cream Mark Ryden designs

photo via

ABT whipped cream Mark Ryden designs

Princess Tea Flower- photo via

ABT whipped cream Mark Ryden designs

photo via

The Princess Tea Flower costume is the stuff of dreams and the weird parade of creatures, well, was definitely interesting to look at even if I would not want to wear any of them. I did, however have fun painting a few.

At first I was looking for little poems of maybe inspirational lines from say, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (more sugar-inspired story) when I came upon this Game of Thrones quote:

Love is a poison. A sweet poison yes, but it will kill you all the same.

And then decided, who needs poems when there are GoT quotes? And since I’m such a huge fan of both, why not combine them? So I present to you…

Game of Thrones; the Ballet of FIre and Ice and Whipped Cream

Game of Thrones quotes

Does joy-to-ash taste good? (Season 2 ep. 8)

Game of Thrones quotes

No big pink eyes and minimum of 4 legs= not a monster (Season 4 ep. 6)

Game of Thrones quotes

Say that while wearing a giant balloon on your head and I’ll take your words more seriously. (Season 3 ep. 6)


More Media- inspired art:

Ash-in-your-mouth Fairy has a magical ring to it, no? I’m not sure who would be more offended, Misty Copeland or George R.R. Martin. Or maybe Jon Snow. But who needs his opinion, he knows nothing.

Game of Thrones images via Hollywood Reporter- see the full slideshow here

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