Red Couch; Indy Fringe Fest 2017

A year ago, I lived in an apartment with a red couch in the living room. Nothing quite as beautiful as this video ever happened on my unfortunate furniture. More like….well, never mind, we won’t go there

This is a trailer video from ‘Red Couch’, choreographed by Tommy Lewey for the 2017 IndyFringe. The show is a ‘re-upholstered’ version of the original, created by Lewey and 2017 Princess Grace award for Playwriting recipient, Mikael Burke.

Red Couch Indy Fringe

I really wish that I could see this show for two reasons:

  1. Tommy Lewey is genius. Moot point. (Especially when I am dancing his choreography! But I digress…)
  2. It would be nice to be able to replace my current emotional attachment to the notion of red couches with a dance piece.

If I could see this piece, maybe the next time I come across the words ‘Red Couch’ or the thing itself (it IS summer in NYC after all, lots of sidewalk dumping as apartment leases are ending) I would think about this show rather than heartbreak. Or maybe the show would make me think about that part of my life. And maybe that isn’t so bad either, especially if viewed from the context of relating to something and someone else, like the dancers or creative imagination behind the work.

Red Couch Indy Fringe

Photos stolen from Facebook- thanks Sandi!

Funny thing about life is how sometimes I think I remember things because of details like ‘setting’. I remember experiences because, “oh yeah, I was in Spain when I first ate paella”. Setting can categorize memories and be a useful aid in conversations like this:

“You know, the Wes Anderson movie that has all the colorful sets…and weird costumes….and takes place in a hotel in Budapest, what’s that one called?’

“Uh….the Grand Budapest Hotel?” 

“That’s the one”.

Sometimes where you live life determines how you live life, confined, comfortable, casual. We make sense of, and remember our existence, through relation to our habitat. Objects, locations, objects as locations, evoke memories.

Look back at today a year from now and ask yourself, where were you? I’m sitting on a black kitchen stool in New York City.  

I hope someone can answer, ‘in the audience of Red Couch at the Indy Fringe Fest’. Do something worth remembering, and don’t forget to get tickets. Shows tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday.

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