What to wear to the next Eclipse

I did not watch the eclipse, Totality, this past week in which the moon completely blocked out the sun. I did not plan ahead and get the required eclipse glasses and I was strictly forbidden by my ophthalmologist to risk any further damage on my poor pathetic retinas after my three eye surgeries this past spring without the proper eyewear.

Jess Ruhlin watercolors

If you insist! image via asunshinemission.com

So I did what I do best when I miss out on something- I strain my eyes over a watercolor painting of what I would have worn had I been in attendance. This way, I can blame my absence on the fact that I didn’t have any of these appropriate Moongazing outfits.

Jess Ruhlin watercolors

If the eclipse ever happens again, I will blast Blast Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, wear one of these fun frocks. And while I’m at it, I will dance the choreography of Leonide Massine’s ballet, ‘Moonlight Sonata’ premiered on ABT in 1944.

I like this Ballet L’Ecole cd for ballet class and I use this one for a nice dramatic adagio in center or stretch at the barre with older students.

Here I have painted a modern interpretation of the cast:
The Young Girl- originally danced by Tamara Toumanova

The Poet- originally danced by Leonide Massine

Jess Ruhlin watercolors

I decided that ‘the poet’ can be gender neutral. And should have blue hair.

Cupid- originally danced by Albia Kavan

Jess Ruhlin watercolors

Totally acceptable to wear a black sequined ballgown to the eclipse ballet

and The Dark Lover- originally danced by Richard Reed.

In my eclipse ballet, the moon will dance the role of the Dark Lover. And if my choreography doesn’t look anything like the original…
It must be the moon blocking all version of it on YouTube (I can’t find it anywhere!). Or maybe you just need special glasses to see it. I’ll just have to paint some.

Watercolor on Vellum- Prints available by order- contact Jess at copelia12@sbcglobal.net

Jess Ruhlin watercolors

Moon ballet keepsake by cafepress.com

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