Who Choreographed the Fresh Prince ‘Jump on It’ Dance

Have you ever noticed how many of those cheesy motivational phrases start with a movement impulse?

Graduate School year two has begun and I am ready to dive right in. To reach for the stars. To fall flat on my face. To kick things off.  To leap at all opportunities. To jump on it.

dancer jump

Amazing photo by Sabrina Karlin

I hope my attempts look half as good as this beautiful fellow NYUer, dancer Holly Laroche, a senior at Tisch. I will be performing with Holly on the 6th and 8th this month as part of the Dumbo Dance Festival in choreography by Leyland Simmons, Artistic Director of Leyland Simmons and Dancers.

2017 Dumbo Dance Festival

It is a thrill and honor to dance choreography on this level of excellence. Who wouldn’t jump at this opportunity? Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro (better known as Carlton) certainly would. How do I know that for sure? This.

Am I the only person who wondered what lucky person got the commission to choreograph this? Guess who did….

No one.

That’s right, this whole combo was improvised by actor Will Smith during one of the ritual get-togethers with cast and crew before shooting to relieve stress and loosen up. As told by Ribeiro to BuzzFeed:

“That was actually Will. Will came up with that one. We were there together, and the music came on, and you know, when you’re creating, you just kind of go with things. We both just kind of did it together. A lot of things come from just being on the set and clowning around and just having fun.”


I’m taking this advice to heart for the coming semester. Be there. Have fun. Jump on it. You never know how things will land.



2 thoughts on “Who Choreographed the Fresh Prince ‘Jump on It’ Dance

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