Review: NYC’s Humming Puppy Yoga Studio

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to test out yoga classes at the Humming Puppy New York studio.

Humming Puppy Yoga NYC Humming Puppy Yoga NYC

Are you wondering what a humming puppy and yoga have to do with one another? Here’s what the hum part entails:

When taking a class at Humming Puppy, one of the first things you will notice is that the room quite literally ‘hums’… and this is by no means an accident! Our yoga space or ‘shala’, is injected with a combination of frequencies to enhance and deepen your experience. More specifically we use a combination of 7.83hz and 40hz. Being submersed in these frequencies helps you to naturally produce matching frequencies through a process of entrainment. 7.83hz otherwise known as the Schumann Resonance is actually the frequency of the earth itself and helps to ‘ground’ you through your practice. 40hz is specifically associated with ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity, integral for achieving states of peak performance. Elite athletes, top-notch musicians and high achievers in all fields, typically produce far more gamma waves than average.

And whilst all of that sounds quite serious and complicated, on a much simpler level the hum just feels good!

Our hum is an original recording of our Co-Founder (Jackie Alexander) playing a singing bowl and then this recording was de-tuned down to 40hz by Mitch Allen from OneTwoStudios

I don’t know where the puppy aspect comes into play. Maybe because it’s puppy love from the minute you enter the studio, OR because when you’re here you will work like a dog. Or…ok, I’ll stop. And no, there are no puppies in the studio, unfortunately.

I took Unified Hum with instructor-extraordinaire, Tiffany Chandler.

What I liked about her style and class:

  1. She starts on time
  2. Great pacing through an introductory meditation, right into mat poses, progressing to standing postures
  3. She uses the ‘official’ names of yoga poses but also gives anatomical cues of were your hands/ feet go if you – like me- don’t know the names and resonate more with body directions
  4. She provides what educational-theorist Mosston would describe as inclusive pedagogy by offering multiple options of challenge to accommodate the various levels of skill and comfort in the student body
  5. She both led part of the class in front where we could see her, and then moved around the room giving individual assistance while guiding the movement with a clear, calm voice

What I did not like:

  1. I just personally don’t like the ‘Om’ part. I completely understand and appreciate the physical and mental reasons for this part of the practice but any kind of chanting or vocalizing makes me feel like this guy

What I liked about the studio

  1. It smells like heaven
  2. There are flowers in the BATHROOM STALLS. Can it get any more luxurious?
  3. Very friendly staff and teachers who helped me navigate the studio and even answered questions I had after class

Humming Puppy Yoga NYC

  1. I really appreciated having the tools of class pre-set and provided for me. These included a high-quality mat, towel, blanket, strap, and blocks (a lifesaver if you have short arms like me!)
  2. Help yourself to organic delicious teas and coconut water? Yes please.

Humming Puppy Yoga NYC Humming Puppy Yoga NYC

  1. Excellent professionals leading class
  2. The range of class levels and diverse aims of each
  3. The hum- at the end of class in our final corpse pose, Tiffany turned the ‘hum’ up pretty loud, to the point that the noise seemed to fill my head. To use the cliché, it gives a visceral feeling of other noises and distractions being pushed out, somehow in a cleansing, calming manner.
  4. The other people in class were nice and took class seriously. Even though at some points we could see each other, it did not feel embarrassing to modify a pose. At no point did I feel like I was competing, or would be judged for my ‘performance’. The lighting the pacing and the attitude of the staff and fellow yogis set a great atmosphere

Humming Puppy Yoga NYC

Humming Puppy Yoga NYC

This is my kind of pre-furnished studio- photo via the HP website

What I did not like

  1. It’s kind of pricey

I luckily was able to take this one for free but looking at their prices, it is expensive. There are lots of yoga options in the city that are more wallet-friendly. I think if it’s worth the cost depends on the frequency and reason for the visit.

Humming Puppy Yoga NYC

So when do I move in?

It’s worth if it you:

  1. Want an exceptional yoga class led by a highly-qualified instructor- as either a beginner to really learn the ropes or as an advanced practitioner who wants a focused environment
  2. Have had a STRESSFUL week and need both a workout AND some fancy luxury
Humming Puppy Yoga NYC

My life philosophy- via

It all depends on how you want to treat yourself and your yoga practice. Honestly,if I could include this daily in my life, I would. I think it will be a rare treat for me. That’s because as much as I like yoga, I don’t love yoga the way that I love dance class. It doesn’t feel as expressive to me. When I dance, I feel like I climb outside of my skin. Whereas in yoga, I feel like I retreat quietly within my limited anatomy, focus solely on the breath and the physicality and by doing so, clear away any stress-laden cobwebs hiding in my mind.

In the beginning of my class with Tiffany she called us to set an intention for the class. I had two; to enjoy and to sweat. Yoga class at Humming Puppy helped me do just that.

I strongly suggest you ‘treat yo’self’ and check out a class or two.

With gracious thanks to Tiffany and the staff of Humming Puppy Yoga studio. Namaste.


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