Dancing Outside; Dance Pictures in Central Park

“You just look like, kind of an indoor girl…” Jack Dawson from the Titanic, and pretty much everyone who has seen my skin tone for the past 8 months.

Dance Pictures

“Yes, you may kiss my hand. My very sun-kissed hand” Beautiful photo of dancer Alex Cramer by Colin Anderson

If there’s one thing I’m thrilled the most about with the end of winter, it’s the possibility of being outside in the gorgeous blooming Central Park again.

I”m getting ready for an outdoor photoshoot for my Steinhardt Research and Creative Project Grant so I tuned to trusty Pinterest for some pose inspiration. I stumbled upon a few of these photos and thought they were just too gorgeous not to share. Don’t they make you want to go outside?

All photos via The Ballerina Project

Dance Pictures

My only qualm is how they sometimes feature a beautiful female dancer centered in nature. Could these pictures exist anywhere else? Why is the dancer enhanced by the beauty of the surroundings? They only speak of beauty of the body to me, not about the smallness of humanity within the larger context of nature, or our relationship with it.

I would like if there was more interaction or shape inspiration or even direct juxtaposition between the dancer and the park. I think in my photoshoot, I might try to use nature as an equal emphasis of the picture rather than a beautiful backdrop.

Dance Pictures

I like the perspective of this one.. Cassie in Central Park

When I was fifteen and newly diagnosed with diabetes, I was taking modern and ballet class at Webster University and then going to my pre-professional ballet studio, Alexandra School of Ballet, which was as strict and posh as it sounds. At Webster, one day our rather hippie-ish modern teacher wanted us to do class outside which to me, was joyous and fun, until I immediately had to go to hoity-toity ballet class smelling like a giant grass stain. How’s that for interaction with nature?

Dance Pictures

As true for ballet as it is for soccer, right fancy ballet teacher?

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