Dance Podcasts

Who here besides me becomes extremely motivated to say, clean your whole apartment, bathtub and all, when there is something else that you feel like you SHOULD be doing? Nothing turns me into a mix of Mr. Clean, Marie Kondo, and Mary Poppins faster than a grant proposal that needs writing.

I have recently convinced myself that breaks can be beneficial when my off-task entertainment is still helpful in some way. Sometimes that means uplifting music, sometimes that means comedy podcasts, and I’ve recently found a few dance podcasts that are pretty enjoyable.

My favorite dance podcast I’ve discovered so far is ‘Conversations on Dance’ hosted by Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Sean Breeden, both formerly of the Miami City Ballet.

I wonder if they danced with or know one of my former MCB idols, Iliana Lopez, whose influence has not faded nearly as much as her autograph on that old magazine. Crossing one thing off of my bucket list

In their podcast, they talk with some f the biggest stars of the dance world. This is a great listen if you’re curious about the challenges that extremely successful people have faced, their experiences, and upbringing.

I just listened to the Connor Holloway of American Ballet Theatre episode, and his mention of wearing basketball shorts rather than tights and dance belts to prestigious summer program auditions had me in stitches.

Connor Holloway, ABT

I also just subscribed to ‘The Whole Dancer’, hosted by wellness coach, Jess Spinner. I really enjoyed her thoughts on dancing in college and I have a bunch of episodes downloaded on everything from personal trainers to supplements that guide healthy choices for real dancer life.

CoD also has an episode with Catherine Hurlin, one of my current favorites at ABT

With all of these podcasts, I’m going to turn useless ‘people-watch on the train’ time into an educational journey. When distraction becomes part of development, you know you’re on a good path.

You can find the podcast through Apple, or iheartradio. Like them on facebook where you can also see little videos like this gem of a tour from ABT’s Skylar Brandt.

Which podcasts do you like? My non-dance favorites are The Bonfire (comedy central), Where do We Begin with Esther Perell, and Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell. Suggestions for time-killing fuel are always welcome here.

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