Video Interview with DTH ballerina: Lindsey Donnell

I mentioned in my last post on teaching Tik Tok dances that I am struggling with Zoom like an idiot.

How’s THIS angle, zoom?

Want proof?
I did an hour-long interview and tried to record it on my phone via screen grab before remembering that Apple doesn’t allow audio recording on calls because of privacy issues. Oops.

Interviewing like a boss

Oh wait? The sound was off the WHOLE TIME!?

Luckily, I had a chance at a redo to speak with Dance Theatre of Harlem’s, Lindsey Donnell.

Photo by Rachel Neville

I met Lindsey at Butler University where we were both dance majors but we really became friends working together on Sunday mornings at the Starbucks on campus. Friendship is formed over caramel frappachinos.

This is less of a formal interview and more of an informal chat between friends. I’ve been looking for podcasts or youtube channels that talk about body image, health, identity without being advice-based and haven’t had luck finding any so that’s what I’m trying to do with these interviews. They are more of a time to share our experiences and thoughts than expertise.

In this video, we cover performance fails, natural abilities, new quarantine looks (I DID put my quarantine nails in my insta story!) Pro ballerinas on Tik Tok, superpowers, and self-love. Hope you enjoy! Lindsey is the best.

Other interviews:

Lindsey and I out-and-about in NYC:

Photo by some drunk lady who insisted on taking this shot of me, Lindsey, and the gorgeous Lilit Hogan

More Interviews with fascinating people in the Archives: Profiles



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