Time Stamps- a Conversation with Independent Choreographer Tommy Lewey

Looking back on the past seems to provoke one of two strong responses. You either think:

  1. What a lovely time!
  2. What was I thinking!?

If I go way way waaaay back in the archives of this humble blog, the very first person that I interviewed was my college friend, choreographer Tommy Lewey. 

Wow, I really did not understand the concept of click bait when I titled this: When even interesting people give boring interviews

It was time for an update, even if I still love that picture of both of us picking a wedgie. 

In this video, Tommy and I revisit moments in time like our first choreography projects, advice we’ve taken to heart, and other ‘what was I thinking!’ moments.

We also talk about our work as timestamps of who we are in those moments of making dance, our own artist paths and possible directions for the future. We cover representation onstage, and taking creative time-outs. 

When I think back on this interview, I will think, ‘what a lovely time’.

Hope you all enjoy, as I always do in talking, joking, processing, reminiscing with Tommy. 

  • You can find more of his work on Instagram @tommylewey
  • Or me @jessicaruhlin

(Please join us in trolling Alonzo King Lines and look for our Lil’ Miss Sunshine Dance challenge in our stories)

More on Tommy’s choreographic works: Indy Fringe Fest Red Couch

And to address some things we talk about in the video:

  • Here’s that Alonzo King Lines show we were talking about that neither could really remember: Review; Lines Ballet
  • I actually already made a contemporary dance bingo game but I think it too, could use an update; Contemporary Dance Bingo
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