Mental Health Olympics- An Interview With Dance Professional, Kitty Conlon

For the longest time, I thought that the only way to be an inspiration to others, to be considered successful, was to ‘have it all together’.

In my head, ‘having it all together’ essentially meant having no problems.

Anything that demanded help, rest, special attention was a sign of weakness or failure. Again…perhaps ballet culture? Perhaps my own hatred and anger towards my diabetes? I am trying to decipher the origins of these unhealthy thoughts.

I am beginning to see how ‘having it all together’ probably looks more like self-acceptance and self-care. Those are more important, it seems to me, in order to be successful and to be truly healthy and happy.

Photo by Lonny Meyer

It is for these reasons, among so many others, that my friend from grad school, Kitty Conlon, is an inspiration to me.

In this video interview, we talk about invisible disabilities, mental health, dealing with pressure from the ballet world and from within, and strategies for self-care including Kitty’s experience with an emotional support pet. Hello Fryday!

We also talk about nicknames, our plan for a new fitness boutique, our goals as dance teachers, cat calling, and taxidermy.

Kitty has appeared on this site before:

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