Invisible Shields- A Conversation With DCDC dancer, Michael Green

I almost titled this blog entry, “Ballet Fat”, a term jokingly coined by both Michael and myself during our recorded interview.

But, I think that my own self-deprecating jokes toward my body, even through debilitating image and health struggles, are a shield that I put up to publicly acknowledge an insecurity while pretending like it doesn’t matter.

And it does.

I met Michael before attending Butler University. He was a guest artist at my pre-professional school in St. Louis for our production of The Sleeping Beauty. He was always an inspiration to me, as a dancer and with his work ethic, even though it seems he did not know it.

It always amazes me how poorly we see ourselves in the eyes of others, even if their picture is perhaps clearer, or at least, more positive.

S0, I’m going for the less ‘click-baitey’ of titles, and choosing the more honest, vulnerable option.

This conversation with Michael reminded me that it’s possible to both humbly acknowledge our own truths, the body looking back in the mirror, without hiding behind or from it.

More Michael on Bodies Never Lie:




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