Best Laid Plans- A Conversation with Dance Educator and New Mom, Rita CS Bearden

After we recorded our conversation, I got a text about five minutes later from Rita. It said something like,,,

“Will you send this to me to look at before it’s made public?”

I don’t know what it says about our friendship that she doesn’t trust my judgment to only show her in the best light. I save the oversharing grossness for myself.

But really, what I think this says about her is how she is considerate of her actions, reflective, and intent on walking a path using the benefit of hindsight. So many of us, myself included, just do things and plow forward without thinking back about how it might shape the future.

I met Rita in graduate school at NYU. She was a year above me and part of the American Ballet Theatre track, and dare I say, part of the ‘cool girl club’. We became friends at the National Dance Education Organization Conference in Washington D.C., when I somehow landed in the ‘cool girl’ hotel room. We have studied, performed, and had numerous coffee and sushi dates since that time.

I have no doubt that my path has been shaped by having a friend like this along the journey, even if, that kind of lucky companionship is not something you can ever plan.

Here’s the full scoop and a cute shot of Rita from the NDEO Conference: Learning and Dancing in Washington D.C.

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