Cartoon Ballet Stories

Exciting news!!!

I’ve started collaborating with an illustrator on a series of animated shorts describing real life as a professional ballet dancer.

This one I wrote as a tiny memoir of my professional debut, my first performance with the Louisville Ballet Company after graduating with my BA from Butler University.

I don’t think, as a hard-working college dance major, that I was prepared for just how little new dancers are often used in bigger ballet companies. In my experience, there is a lot of understudying and not a lot of stage time. I kind of wish I had known to expect that going in.

These videos, co-created with Nico Vidal, are intended to spark laughs, insight, conversation, and even change in the dance world.

Please enjoy and leave a like if you’ve ever been underused at work!

If you had a great or bad first performing experience, share it in a comment below.

Illustration/ Animation by Nico Vidal. Story and voiceover by Jessica Ruhlin

Watch the 1-minute video on my Instagram @jessicaruhlin

Or if you aren’t on the gram, watch it here on Youtube

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