Animated Ballet Stories; Flesh

How to tell if you are an F-ed up dancer:

Imagine someone says to you, “You look healthy”..

Does that feel like

  1. a genuine compliment
  2. They are saying that you look like a normal person, aka not a dancer, aka medium sized, aka FAT

We dive into the topic of unhealthy body image and expectation of seeing unhealthy bodies on stage and in real life in this second Ballet Story collaboration with artist Nico Vidal.

This excerpt is from an interview with dancer and model, Kevin Wiltz

Full interview with Kevin: Fitting In

Ballet Stories: Fleshy – YouTube

It is interesting how there is such much pressure on dancers to look a certain way regardless of how they move. As if the aesthetics of a pirouette are changed and the audience will react differently if the dancer’s collarbone isn’t sticking out or they maybe could lose five pounds without looking sickly.

I’ve been told to ‘tone up’ when my dancing was perfectly fine. It started to suffer when I cared that much more about losing any protective layer of fat, or flesh, that hid muscle tone or bones, regardless of what those muscles could do.

Personally at this point, I’m not as obsessed with losing those ‘pesky last few pounds’. I’m more concerned with trying to shake that voice.

Sending wishes for health that does not compare to other’s bodies and does not prioritize form over function to all who are covered in flesh.

Which is everyone.

Gorgeous photo by Simon Rubenstien that I initially hated because I think my arm looks fat

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