When a kid breaks a bone during your zoom class

This post is all about accidents.

My friend and fellow dancer/ teacher, Morgan Lamb, told me a story about one her students having a terrible accident on camera. It had to be turned into an animated ballet story.

Zoom Teaching Tragedy with Morgan Lamb – YouTube

Unfortunately, the artist I was collaborating with has up and disappeared from the internet. So I tried to illustrate it myself.

It did not go well.

I tried to put the animated version on Youtube but the pictures are sideways.

I tried to share in on Instagram but it zoomed in.

Life isn’t perfect. Enjoy it anyways!

What I love most is the surprise hero in this story, the Department of Education translator. Morgan shared the phone number with me, but I would love for them to see this little tribute to their help. I bet he or she would love to see themselves immortalized with my pens and watercolors and bad jokes.

As a dance teacher, I believe in the value of increasing the understanding and creativity in expression and communication between people. Shoutout to everyone who speaks multiple languages, whether vocal or physical, and increases communication between us all.

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