About: the site and the author

Hi everyone! My name is Jess. I’m a teaching artist with the New York City Ballet, the New York Department of Education, and a dance teacher in the private school sector here in the city.  Welcome to Bodies Never Lie.

If you want to learn to dance or learn about dance, you’ve come to the right place.

This blog began as a writing practice on dance history, education, and its role both on and off the stage.  It is currently a place to find:

  • Reviews of dance performance in New York
  • Previews
  • Dance Photography
  • Information on Teaching, Performing, Neuroscience (fun brain!), and Well-being
  • Interviews with artists
  • Personalized gifts for dancers which I hand-illustrate
  • All things that I can relate to dance (which, sorry, is pretty much everything. One track mind!).

A little about me:

I am first and foremost a lover of dance, particularly classical ballet. I started dancing when I was about three and can’t remember life before ballet. I can’t imagine life without dance- teaching it, creating it, painting it, writing about it- now.

I trained as a child at Alexandra School of Ballet in St. Louis and later attended Interlochen Arts Academy on scholarship. I spent summers with Pennsylvania Ballet, White Mountain Summer Dance Festival, Ballet Austin, and Boston Ballet- to name a few. I was selected as one of 12 representatives for the Regional Dance America Midwest conference honors company and was invited with the company to perform at the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi. When I was 15, studying with Boston Ballet, I discovered I am type one diabetic. The first thing I remember the doctors saying is ‘you might have to find a different hobby’.

The wonders of science, a lot of persistence, and support from my parents have allowed me to  train and perform with companies and schools across the globe- St. Petersburg, Russia, Canada, New Jersey, Kentucky, and most recently, New York. I have been privileged to study with companies such as Parsons Dance Company, Pilobolus, Alvin Ailey, Giordano Jazz Company, and with Laura Glenn from the Juilliard School. I earned my BA in Dance Pedagogy from Butler University in 2008 and am finishing an MA in Dance Education from NYU Steinhardt. I am currently certified as a Vaganova and American Ballet Theater teacher, trained in arts integrated curriculum through the Kennedy Center, and have taught internationally and within underserved populations such as senior citizens, special needs classrooms, and within clinics for addiction and eating disorders.

I believe that dance can bring joy, health, and benefit to everyone regardless of age, income, or opportunity as it has helped my life. I am passionate about creating opportunities, classes, and hopefully, funny or insightful blog posts, that bring a love of dance to others.

Thank you very much for visiting the site.

Good Health and Happiness to All!

16 thoughts on “About: the site and the author

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  2. Jess – Thank you for linking to my review of MBT’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Yes, I wish I could have seen Ms. Lydia Phillips dance the role as well, but alas, I could not. I find your writing insightful and fun. I loved your observation on the costumes of like color winding up together. Ha. I must pay closer attention in the future!

    From one Ballet lover to another…

    All the Best!

    Christopher Reilly

    P.S. We must say hello the next time we are at the same performance.

  3. I found this through your comments on the “Street :Photography” Blog which I read regularly. It’s unusual for me and a bit of a revelation since I almost always read technology stuff, but have always loved photography and music. I’ll have to say that I’ve enjoyed it immensely and will endeavor to make it regular reading.

    I teach World History, Economics, Psychology & Sociology to High School, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

    • Hi Stanley! Thanks for the kind words and I’m so glad that you both stumbled upon my blog and found it enjoyable. The internet is such an amazing web of intrigue- I was just talking to a friend about this weird ‘Steve Buscemey’s Eyes added onto attractive girl bodies’ site. The things people do with their spare time, hu?

  4. Hello-

    My name is Ashley David and I’m an intern at 4dancers.org. I’m reaching out in hopes that you would be willing to add a link to our blog on your site. We’d be happy to do the same for you.

    My email is adavid17@terpmail.umd.edu if you would like to follow up from this comment. Please let me know if this possible- and thanks for your time!


    Ashley David
    Intern, 4dancers.org
    Please join us on Twitter and Facebook

  5. Hi Jess. We’ve loved your blog for a while and want to say thanks for all the awesome stories and posts!

    We are a very small company, just launched, selling fashion dancewear and based in London. We would just like to leave a link to our website and our own blog (which we talk about dance, fashion, culture, anything!) in case you had time to have a quick look at all!


    Cheers for your time!
    London Dancewear team

  6. Hi Jess,

    My name is Erika and I’m the partnership coordinator for Dance Saves Lives, a for purpose dance clothing company that donates it’s profits to teaching dance to places that can’t afford it. I came across your content (which rocks btw) and had to reach out to see if you’d be interested in partnering up for some content and even as a paid content partner.

    I’m not sure if you are already working with another dance clothing company, but if you aren’t, I seriously think your site would make a great addition to our paid affiliate team as an easy way to monetize more online for your dance audience. We’re currently expanding our affiliate team to ramp up for summer! If you’re curious to learn more here are some of the details.


    At a minimum, Looking forward to connecting and cross-promoting content!


    Erika P.
    Partnership Coordinator

  7. Hi Jess,

    Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that your blog has been included in our https://cupondedescuento.com.co/toplists/top-35-ballet-blogs/ which can be found on our website.

    My team has been in constant search for the best top dance blogs and during my own exploration I stumbled upon your site. Your blog contains a lot of interesting blog posts, I especially enjoyed the article about how to achieve your goals like an Olympian.

    I hope you will enjoy being included in the list, and the extra promotion this creates for your blog.

    We have also created a special badge for you that you can post on your blog: https://cupondedescuento.com.co/banners/banners-for-top-35-ballet-blogs/

    I would like to answer any questions you may have, or hear your feedback about the list. Please feel free to send me a message.

    Keep up the good work!


    Lisa Kok,
    Junior Project Manager

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