Hello and Mission Statement

“Bodies Never Lie”- Agnes DeMille

Hello fellow dance, art, healthcare, pop-culture, and sarcasm lovers!

There are three main objectives that I try to serve as a performer, teacher, and writer:

Education, Inspiration, and Entertainment

I believe that great art targets one, if not more, of these goals. It is my hope that this little tutu-clad site will deliver on these ambitions.

Education: I love dance history; the figures, ideas, and pieces of work that paved the way- so I intend to occasionally share tidbits of information that I have stored in the bookshelves of my house and brain. I am also a teacher with a BA in Dance Pedagogy, specializing in jazz and ballet. However, I play the authority while I’m in class so my blog is also a place of sharing my experiences, thoughts, and mistakes with the hopes that you can learn from them without a four-year tuition plan. You’re welcome!

Inspiration: I enjoy sharing the performances, artworks, fashions, trends, youtube videos, and ideas that inspire me to keep dancing, drawing, and making bad jokes.

Entertainment: It is my goal to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. My stories of humiliation should serve a useful purpose. I also enjoy humiliating old friends, especially if they are now famous or successful.

One last note about art; I enjoy stuff that puts me in such an elevated or fantastic state of mind that I am, for a moment or two, able to fully engage in something outside of the world of emails, texts, lesson plans, and bills. If I can then somehow find a little bit of myself in it, a behavior or emotion, even better. I think the greatest art invites you in, then holds up a mirror to examine your own life, goals, and choices. I hope that my writing should entertain, inspire, and provoke some thought in anyone who happens to stop by , not just the people who do plies for a living.

Thank you for visiting! In the words of one of my heroes, The great Corky St. Claire (Waiting For Guffman), “Everybody Dance!”

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2 thoughts on “Hello and Mission Statement

  1. This is indeed the best times I’ve spent reading what someone else had on there mind. This is indeed a good post and the photo’s, well they tell a tale of there own… Nice to read


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