Upcoming Class Series; NeuroStretch

I would be lying if I said that movement, or dance always improved my mood.

There were days when I couldn’t stop judging myself in the mirror, when teachers made me feel invalidated, or when I was just sore or injured and probably needed a break. I think the ‘benefit of movement’ always starts with the intention of the movement.

When the pandemic hit, I know a lot of support groups and activity groups were shut down. Quarantine has affected most of us whether we were already dealing with mental health issues, addiction, trauma or not. The lack of community support for physical and mental health is something I know I’ve felt and I’m sure others have too.


I will be teaching a NeuroStretch class this upcoming Saturday, May 22. The class is open to all levels, combining dynamic movement and easy stretching coordinated with respiratory patterns proven through neuroscience to reduce anxiety and activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

This is a 45 minute free resource for all who want to join a healthy supportive community. You do not need to have any dance or fitness training. All bodies, all ages, all abilities are welcome.

We are meeting at the StuyTown Fountain at 3:30. Wear comfortable clothes and bring water. Towel or shirt optional if you don’t want to sit directly on the grass.

Hope to see you there.

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