Fitting In- An Interview with Model and Dancer, Kevin Wiltz

I have been occasionally guilty of wanting to swap lives with the beautiful dancers, athletes, models that I see and know.

I assume that if I could wake up tomorrow with their perfect bodies and bone structures, that all of my insecurities would magically vanish. 

But in talking to these gorgeous humans who, to me, seem absolutely flawless, we all seem to take fault or wish to improve upon something. No matter what the BMI or clothing size tag, our bodies are all housing a little bit of self-critique and a little bit of crazy. 

Take my friend, Kevin Wiltz, for instance….

Kevin and I met at the early audition for Butler University and were best friends from day one of undergrad. He has been my friend, dance partner in college, at Louisville Ballet Company where we joined together after graduating, and roommate, friend, and collaborator here in New York. To say that we’ve been through a lot of life together, and seen the good, the bad, the ugly in each other is an understatement. 

In this video, we cover body standards of the modelling and dance world, putting on a persona, and expressing yourself through movement and fashion. We also get a peek into Kevin’s amazing closet and Kevin compares Jess to his ugliest pair of sunglasses. Some best friend indeed!

He is one in million and one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

More of Kevin on this site:

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