Hello Stranger; A Video Interview with Momix dancer, Steven Ezra

The only picture that exists of Steven Ezra and I together is from last summer when we went to Coney Island and sat in the front row of a terrifying roller coaster. The picture on that first drop features a smiling Steven and Jess scrunching all of her body parts and facial features together into as tight of a vertigo blob as possible.

Steven is clearly more adventurous than I am

I did not order a print out, much as I cherish the memory.

Speaking of cherished memories…

Steven and I did a virtual catch up talking about all things from past dancer lives like independence, self-motivation, and structured lifestyle. We also cover the psychology behind taking selfies, what kind of movie villain we would be, and reasons for learning geography.

Steven has a really interesting take on gender stereotypes within movement, from his training at prestigious ballet academies to a career with the ultra-physical Momix Dance Company, and within occupations as both a dancer and while currently finishing a nursing degree.

I’ll make a point to get a picture of us the next time we hang out. These moments with friends, these chances to dance seem to go by so quickly if not appreciated in the present.

More on Gender Stereotypes in Dance:

And more on Career Transitions:

And for something a bit more positive:


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